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Sihon Ozone

7500mg/h UV Sterilizer,UV Sanitizer,UV light sanitizer,UVC light sanitizer,Sterilizzatore UV

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No Secondary Pollution: Apply a clean purification process that produces no waste water or solid waste that will lead to a secondary pollution.
High Quality Power Supply: The attached power supply can improve the performance of the plasma tube.
High Quality Materials: Body of the tube is made with quartz glass for a higher durability, a higher stability and a longer service life.
Highly Safe: The arc generated is sealed inside the quartz glass to reduce the possibility of causing a fire.
Solid and Robust: Plasma tube is sealed for a solid structure which is also breakage-proof.

Can be used in the following applications:
● Treatment of industrial organic waste gas
● Treatment of VOC produced in pharmaceutical, footwear, plastic, printing, painting, furniture manufacturing and others.
● Treatment of stink and smelly gases in sewage, garbage disposal plants, refuse transfer stations, food processing plants, poultry feed plants, metal factories, slaughterhouses and others.
● Treatment of organic and inorganic odor gas purification produced in nourishment recycling plants, excrement treatment, spraying solvents and others.
● Purification of organic waste gas: remove VOCs, inorganic matter, hydrogen sulfide and others.